My mom gets home from grocery shopping and my dad comes by saying SURPRISE WERE GOING TO DISNEY





i will never accept how under appreciated megamind is

it is a movie about a villain who succeeds in killing the hero 

It also has a “nice guy” and the girl is not demonized for not liking him

he even becomes the actual villain

One of the most underrated Dreamworks flicks.


Hey guess what everyone? Time to get excited because your favourite dragon is making his way back to Build a Bear this October! The exact date is still to be determined, but he’ll be there for sure and this time he will have a saddle that you can purchase separately.


okay Nintendo but consider this: i don’t have money

mew-mew-ichigo: Really the only character that comes to mind when I think of you is Hiccup haha. Probably because that's who you were dressed up as when I met you at metrocon last year :')

haha yeah that’s the one i get associated with a lot

and it really warms my heart when it happens >w<

hanari-502: hiccup, mabel, and hotcup

why thank you, miss pauling

Name three characters you think of when you think of me.

tsuritama is so cute so far wow

and so relaxing

oh my gosh the music is so good

and yuki oh my gosh i love him already i wanna hug him ;o;

i may start watching tsuritama in my free time

a friend showed me some music and i’m hooked to how relaxing it is omg